Spring 2017


Today we’re asking you to take action and join our 100 Days Campaign.

In 100 Days and 100 screenings of Beyond Measure
our community of parents, educators, school and district leaders,
and students will set out to change
school culture nationwide as never before.

By participating, you’ll join a movement of communities stepping up together to shape local schools. Action starts with bringing people together to share experiences, listen to each other, and envision what’s possible. By engaging in conversation after the screening, you’ll set the stage for action, creating new space for a culture shift toward the kind of real health and deep learning our children urgently need.

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The most powerful decisions for our students are made not in the lofty halls of Washington, but in local boardrooms, community gatherings, classrooms, and at our kitchen tables. Now more than ever we need to speak up, gather locally, and shape our schools from the bottom up.


Film screenings ignite local change. A screening sparks the conversation so many of you want and need to have. You find new local allies and expand the group that’s engaging in action. Now is the time to be part of something bigger. We have the chance to show the country what’s truly possible in schools when courageous communities organize for change. We must ask: What do our children need? Then we must take action to meet these needs. And that begins with communities coming together, speaking the truth, and listening to each other.

Communities around the country are
already making powerful change

Lexington, MA: Parents and school officials are teaming up to improve student health following multiple film screenings and a community read of the book.

Orinda, CA: Glorietta Elementary changed its school mission after a film screening and is moving toward project-based learning.

Elkins Park, PA: After screening Beyond Measure, the Cheltenham School District is creating a school-within-a-school for project-based learning this fall.

Chicago, IL: Walter Payton College Prep High School transformed its schedule to grant students time for individual help, projects, and personal passions.

Join the 100 Days Campaign

The first 25 people to schedule a screening as part of the 100 Days Campaign will receive an invitation to our April 4th webinar, “Beyond Measure Together: Experiences on the Ground,” featuring key teachers, principals, and parents working to create innovative schools for healthy kids and deep learning.